• Chiplus Semiconductor Corp. ( Chiplus in short ) is a technology-leading IC design house that is devoted to the design and development of green chips - High Speed Super Low Power SRAM & LED driver ICs, and committed to provide the best products, services and solutions to our global customers.

    Established in 2002 in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, Chiplus started the design, manufacture and marketing of High Speed Super Low Power SRAM Memory products with unsurpassed reliability. We take great pride in our products have earned the certification & trust from famous makers of industrial/consuming instruments in the Japan, EU, USA and Pan-Pacific Asia areas.

    To meet and fulfill customer requirements with extensive product specification, we are working continuously to strengthen our design and manufacturing technologies while creating outstanding products required in a new era and high level electronic applications. Meanwhile, Chiplus is building up a globally international customer service and logistic network that assures soonest & efficient service and distribution.

    We spanned our product line to a new energy-preserving IC - LED driver ICs as Chiplus anticipate ourselves to be a green chip partner of the Earth and our global customers. It is a milestone of Chiplus. We successfully expand our IC design technology from Memory product to analog product with the development & mass-production of LED driver ICs. Chiplus play an active role to serve and fulfill various customer demands around the world.

    Since the establishment from 2002, Chiplus always collaborates with our global customers in honesty and loyalty, and commits to provide the most innovative, best performance/quality/cost ICs to add customer's end-product value.

    To be the global leading supplier of Super Low Power SRAM and LED driver ICs.

    A. Delivering the excellent chip ( Chiplus - best performance, best quality, best cost) to make customer's product & life " plus ".
    B. Providing the total solutions in LED & Low Power SRAM applications to fulfill any customer's specific requirement.